In and Out(Scilla lingulata)

Lauw de Jager
Sat, 28 Oct 2006 12:05:03 PDT
Just to folow your comment (and the discussion of a few weeks ago) I have 3
forms of S. lingulata ssp. ciliolata.
1)  Large  pointed leaves flowering end of September
2) Large pointed leaves flowering  mid October.
3)  Small compressed plant with short rounded leaves, almost triangular
(with very small hairy margins). This most attractive form is flowering now.
It looks very much like Jane's form.
It would be nice to put a name to these forms. But literature is very
limited on this subject. I see that John Lonsdale also presented this issu 2
years ago: "My first in flower is a form from Tony Goode which flowers
before the leaves form, the last is flowering now.  There are also
considerable differences between the leaves,both degree of glaucousness and
also habit, from prostrate and succulent to upright."

le 25/10/06 23:59, James Waddick à a écrit :
> IN:  Scilla lingulata (is this still a 'Scilla')  This looks
> like a miniature Hyacinth or a good S. biflora. And the tiny heads of
> rich blue flowers have a definite spicy scent. Is this hardy
> outdoors? I am afraid it would get totally lost outside.

Lauw de Jager
South of France (Climat méditerranéen; zone 8 Olivier)
 Latitude 34° N   Altitude: 4m

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