Growing from seed-Temperatures

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:59:06 PDT
Dear David,

There are some seeds that require a change in temperature to germinate (a 
difference between day and night temperatures) and some need cold. Many 
South African bulb species from the winter rainfall area for instance  (not 
Amaryllids) often need the former as that is what the weather is like 
during the time they normally germinate. Generally the advice is to start 
winter rainfall species in the fall and summer rainfall species in the 
spring and obviously the temperatures would be different for each to a 
degree. There are some seeds that need to be started right away. I start 
some things needing the daily fluctuation in temperature in my greenhouse 
as that makes it easier to provide warmer day temps. I don't heat my 
greenhouse so it is cool at night. The greenhouse also gives some 
protection from the excessive rain we get that some seedlings don't like. 
But other things I just start outside and then I don't have to worry about 
changing their environment later. On this list we have found that there is 
not just one way to grow from seed however. Some people float seeds, some 
use the paper towel method, some start in vermiculite in the fridge, etc.
One of our first topic of the week discussions was on growing from seed. 
You'll find the link to some of those discussions here.…

Hopefully you'll share which things you found did well with your system.

Mary Sue
>  It's just a low-power plastic heating pad, which keeps the seeds warm.

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