Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 08:09:14 PDT
Hi all,

I'd like to repeat Susan's message to everyone. From the very beginning we 
have not allowed attachments on our list. We expected that not everyone in 
our group was going to be interested in everything that was discussed and 
not everyone would want to receive attachments as some people would have 
slow connections or limited storage. We also wanted to make it less likely 
for anyone to get a virus from our list. In order for people to be able to 
share their pictures if they didn't have a web site, we set up the wiki as 
a place you can upload pictures. We think this has worked out very well for 
us as what started out as a place you could add pictures where people who 
might be interested in them could look at them when you talk about them, 
has become a superb reference where anyone can easily find images plus 
information about those images at a later date.

As it turns out our list does get viruses and in fact we get a lot of them. 
They seem to be mostly from non members of the list so they only come to 
Susan, Arnold, and me. They have Macs and I have several levels of 
protection.  I am grateful that they do go to everyone. When you send an 
attachment to the list, it comes to Arnold, Susan and me for approval since 
the message is too big. This means we get those attachments and have to 
deal with them. We would like to request that if you want to share your 
images with the group that you add them to the wiki. There are complete 
instructions about how to do this on the Upload File page.…

It is true that it takes a little time to learn how to do this if you are 
not computer savy, but there are a number of us who are willing to help. 
All of us who work on the wiki have very busy lives too so each person who 
takes the time to follow the directions and add their pictures makes us 
very happy!!

Mary Sue

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