Camassia cusickii question!

Laura & Dave
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 12:54:13 PST
Please, may I tap the collective wisdom of the group?
  A few years ago, I was given a large clump of Camassia cusickii, which 
I placed in a plastic pot, ~30 cm. tall by 25 cm. deep (a 5H size for 
those that use this number system). It flowered well the first year, but 
has not performed well the last two. I went to tip the plant out today, 
and was startled to find many roots at the soil surface. I checked 
further, and the well formed network of feeder roots, which are not 
particularly crowded, seem to be distributed evenly throughout the 
entire soil ball.  I swear I've grown this plant right side up the 
entire time I've had it. And the small group of healthy growth tips I 
managed to find about 10 cm. below soil level are all pointing up!  I 
have several other Camassias, and they all have their roots where you'd 
expect them.  I know this is a strange thing to complain about, but it 
makes it very difficult to check the bulbs without causing massive 
damage to the root system.  Does anyone know if this is normal for this 
species? Or is there something in their culture that could be causing 
this?  This is one reason I love growing plants; there is always 
something that makes you stop and think!

Thanks for any comments,
Dave Brastow
Tumwater, WA (-USA-)
  Sunny days, and our first freeze last night (27 F), with a couple more 
nights down to 22 F, then rain!

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