buds going blind, was Fritillaria striata

Linda Foulis lmf@beautifulblooms.ab.ca
Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:13:11 PDT
" This can cause the scape to elongate
and flop over, and the buds to "go blind." One supposes that in the long
term, it will also weaken the bulb. If Alex can supplement with artificial
light during midwinter, he may get it to behave more in character."

Hello Jane,
What exactly do you mean when you say 'buds go blind'?
I have an albuca blooming right now and some of the buds are starting to
brown and will obviously not open or progress.  Would this be the same


Okotoks, AB
Zone 3a, Foothills of the Rockies

Light snow all day but melting once it hits the ground.
The colchicums will not last at this rate.  I miss summer already!

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