Pinellia cordata

Roy Herold
Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:23:33 PST
Sorry to drag this out...

John Grimshaw is undoubtedly correct that it is possible that P.c. 
'Yamazaki' is synonymous with other forms in cultivation, including the 
Don Jacobs form. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I seem to 
recall the P.c. plant I saw at Don's nursery was on the scrawny side, 
perhaps from being in a pot sitting in his driveway. He may well have 
had more than one form, too. Yamazaki is variable with regards to 
culture, but when it's happy, it's stunning.

I just discovered that my old Pinellia Page dating back to 1998 is still 
up on There are pictures of Yamazaki and other pinellias in 
case you are interested. I'm sure there is plenty of new material in 
circulation since it was written.


I'll try to pick out some 'originator's stock' bulbils/tubercles this 
weekend for the BX. Forgot that it might be too chilly in December to 
risk them in the post.

One comment on Pinellia ternata-- I have never grown it in the ground, 
but I did try one tuber in a 4" pot. In one season it increased to 26 
(yes, 26) tubers, not including the little ones that formed on the stems 
and leaves. Be very, very careful with this one. Pinellia pedatisecta 
has turned into a thug, too, due to its seeding habits. Its 
inflorescence is close to two feet tall and flops over when the seeds 
are ripe, starting a new colony some distance away. P. tripartita is 
almost as bad, but its dark-spathed form ('Atropurpurea') is much more 
reserved and is more welcome in the garden.


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