Weedkillers and Bulbs

Alani Davis adavis@ecoresource.com
Sun, 01 Oct 2006 12:58:51 PDT
Hey all

Yeah, neither the herbicides nor the surfactants are good for the
environment and those that are trying to eek out a living within it. It is
also relatively unknown what effects may be caused by the chemicals created
as these products breakdown in the environment. I understand that it has
been shown that some important soil fungi are not present in fields where
roundup has been heavily used. I prefer to do all my weeding by hand and
will tolerate some less than tidy flowerbeds until I can do it by that
method. My knowledge gained by accident and a moment of weakness when weeds
seemed to be getting the best of me was enough of a "lesson" to a lack of
shortcuts. I much prefer the arthropods, frogs, toads, salamanders to a
sterile unnatural cleanliness and to boot a dozen Crinums did not flower
this year for the first time in four seasons. I don't need my MTV, but I do
need Cape Dawn with a deafening chorus of grey treefrogs!

Alani Davis

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