Pinellia cordata

John Grimshaw
Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:04:22 PST
Rodger Whitlock was musing on his clones of Pinellia cordata, and trying to 
work out which was which. As I said, I have not seen "Don Jacobs' Form" but 
I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of stocks with well-marked leaves 
turned out to be 'Yamazaki'. The species is normally supposed to have dull, 
less-well marked leaves (presumably this is what Diane Whitehead received 
from China), so I don't think that Rodger's view that: > "Don Jacob's Form" 
= the usual form, the type< is correct. As usual we are straying into muddy 
waters to assert that any one variant is the 'type', but if duller leaves 
are the norm then "Don Jacobs' Form" is at least distinct from them, if not 
from 'Yamazaki'.

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> Let me make sure I've got this right, then:
> "Roy Herold's Form" = 'Yamazaki'
> "Don Jacob's Form" = the usual form, the type
> The distinction is that 'Yamazaki' has bigger leaves and better
> markings.
> I got my starts of both 'Yamazaki' and the DJ form from Ellen Hornig.
> They are, as said before, not *quite* the same, but very similar, so
> much so that I'm not sure I could tell them apart without the labels.
> In particular, the leaves of my "DJ form" are about as well marked as
> those of 'Yamazaki'. I'll have to take out the ruler next summer and
> see if the DJ has 4x1" leaves, and what size leaves 'Yamazaki' has
> under the same conditions.
> At the back of my mind is the possibility that I have two pots of
> 'Yamazaki' and none of the typical form.

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