FW: Muscaris

Ton Wijnen ton1.wijnen@planet.nl
Sun, 08 Oct 2006 04:44:45 PDT



Van: Ton Wijnen [mailto:ton1.wijnen@planet.nl] 
Verzonden: zondag 8 oktober 2006 13:40
Aan: 'pbs@lists.ibiblio.org'
Onderwerp: Muscari


Hallo Bulbfriends.


Who can help me? I am searching a few seeds or a few bulbs of Muscaris

Who collect these bulbs? The Muscaris must have the right name, this bulbs
or seeds are for a Botanical Garden. He asked me if I know some one who can
help. So I send all my bulbfriends this question and I think there is
somebody or more people who can help me. 

Perhaps you know also other people who can help.


Thank you very, very much if you can help.


Warmest regards


Ton Wijnen


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