Strumaria, was More questions

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 29 Oct 2006 07:36:48 PST
Dear Diana,

I'm no expert on Hessea or Strumaria although I did buy the Systematics of 
Hessea, Strumaria and Carpolyza by D.A. Snijman (1994) from Rod and Rachel 
when I was in South Africa. It lists Strumaria picta and Strumaria gemmata 
as taxa that are upheld, but not  Hessea karooica (named 1935) which 
is  listed as a basionym for Strumaria karooica.  Strumaria karooica was 
also Periphanes karooica (1948) and Gemmaria karooica (1985). If I 
understand this she may have renamed it with this publication in 1994. I'm 
so pleased you'll be adding pictures of these to the wiki.

Mary Sue

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