Hi, I'm new.

D. Christopher Rogers crogers@ecoanalysts.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2006 20:10:57 PDT

I am new to the group, having only just discovered you. I look forward to
learning a lot!

I live in California, and I am particularly interested in Aroids. My aroid
bulb collection includes Typhonium, Arum, Dracunculus, Anchomanes,
Helicodiceros, Amorphophallus, Pinellia, Arisema and Zantedeschia.

So if there is anyone interested in doing any trading, I am looking for
Biarum, Arisarum, Eminium, Dracontium, and more species of the
aforementioned plants. Maybe I will become interested in other groups as
well, as a result of listening to the discussions on the list.

So, here is my first question: Does anyone have any experience with
Typhonium diversiflorum? What temperatures can it handle? Does any one know
where it is native?

Thank you in advance,

D. Christopher Rogers
Invertebrate Ecologist/Taxonomist

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