In and Out

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 27 Oct 2006 19:22:44 PDT
At 05:59 PM 10/25/2006, you wrote:
>Dear friends:
>         Just a brief comment on two bulbs blooming for the last few days:

Some things (non-geophytes) still blooming in my garden are 
Spiranthes cernua, and Zinnia "Profusion".  Darn near everything else 
has been zapped by the frost.  I have no explanation for the Zinnia's 
resilience.  It's way out by the street, with no protection from the 
house.  (It's more than 60 feet from my house).

I think a few dandelions are blooming too.  :-)

Oh, and I saw a couple Echinaceas still blooming.

The gold finches are feasting on the seeds of most of my wildflowers.

Dennis in Cincinnati where it has been cold & wet & windy for far too long.

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