Winter care for Crinums.

Alani Davis
Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:58:25 PDT
I have used deep layers of leaves which were primarily oak leaves up to 30
inches thick and pine straw both loose and bailed. Of course I am in zone
8b. It will definitely held protect the necks here as well as borderline
cycads, but I cannot say that growth/recovery in the spring is faster when
compared to plants with full exposure here. It does help with survival and
recovery with Crinums whose basal plate is close to the surface like C.
asiaticum.  I might use mulch that does not retain water well which is the
enemy when it comes to freezing if it is cold enough. Wood chips may not be
the best.


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This year I am trying something new with my hardy Crinums. 

They come back readily  each year here in 7b, but winter freezes take them
down to soil level. It always seemed like a waste to have them start over
from soil level each year, so this year I'm applying a deep layer of wood
chips (8 or more inches) around them to see if the necks can make it through
intact. As the winter progresses, I intend to top the beds with dried

Has anyone else in the winter-feeze zones done anything like this?

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