pbs Digest, Vol 45, Issue 28 taxonomies of various sorts and their politics (off/on topic?)

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>   1. Re: how many differences for a species? (D. Christopher Rogers)
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> From: "D. Christopher Rogers" <crogers@ecoanalysts.com>
> Subject: Re: [pbs] how many differences for a species?
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> Dear Diana,
> I am a professional taxonomist, however I work with crustaceans not 
> plants.
> In zoology, the genus concept has become formally defined as a group of

> I hope this in some way is helpful,
> Christopher
> D. Christopher Rogers
> Invertebrate Ecologist/Taxonomist
> ((,///////////=====<
>Christopher?  I think that you have clarified and illuminated the degree 
>and extent  of confusion in botanical taxonomy.   This, I believe is a 
>necessary step to revision of the entire system of nomenclature/taxonomy..

But, I am only a retired psychologist who looks at, among other things, the 
flaws in how people
  think about anything, including how people think about thinking, the 
categories they choose to do it with, etc.  I suspect that there are very 
few disciplines more confused than botany--maybe psychiatry?-- the 
interfaces of political parties or religious groups.  (not limiting the 
arena of discourse to the United States of America)--just to be fair.. 

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