Fall rains

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sun, 29 Oct 2006 10:33:29 PST
Hi Gang,

I think Fall is lovely almost everywhere.  It is certainly appreciated here 
along the Gulf Coast.  It was so hot and dry during the summer that I was 
hoping for cooler times and a bit of rain.  But, I could have done with a 
bit less rain this October.  We got 13 inches of rain over a few days, and 
then my county got another 6-7 inches a week later.

Despite their generous portions the extra rains didn't cause problems in my 
area.  The low area of my garden is flooded, and I'm sure the native irises 
and rushes are enjoying events, along with Hymenocallis and the native 
Crinum.  In some winters my low area will stay flooded till March and 
somehow little mosquito fish find their way into my yard.



Conroe TX

This week is very pleasant with cool nights and gentle sunny days.

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