Crocus speciosus 'Aino' and Crocus kotschyanus

Pacific Rim
Sat, 21 Oct 2006 18:05:06 PDT
Crocus speciosus 'Aino' has been mentioned several times; John Grimshaw said 
he isn't familiar with it and that may be true for others as well. You can 
see several pictures of it on my website at

It's too late to order fall crocuses so I hope this will not be considered a 
commercial announcement. It is not intended as one.

The longer I grow this selection, the better I like it. It is by far the 
most "weatherproof" speciosus I have tried, and the most beautiful, and it 
multiplies fast, which makes it inexpensive, though not yet as downright 
cheap as 'Oxonian,' which has been around for ages.

Crocus kotschyanus became famous for not flowering, thanks to the wide 
distribution of clones that flowered poorly if at all. But at least two 
floriferous clones also exist; I offered them for a while, and still have 
both in our garden. They are definitely not small-flowered. They are no 
longer on my website but I would be happy to share images if anyone 
interested would email me privately.

Paige Woodward

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