Hi, I'm new.

D. Christopher Rogers crogers@ecoanalysts.com
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 08:41:43 PDT
Dear Jim (and all),

Thanks for the info on my Typhonium. It is an amazing plant. Now that I have
the proper name, I have been able to find more info on it. I already have
piles of offsets. Do you grow it? I know you said that it is not hardy where
you live, but I know that many folks move the plants indoors during the
cooler and cold weather. It is cooling down quickly here, and I have moved
mine into the greenhouse. So here is my next question: I have learned that
T. roxburghii typically has a dry dormant phase. Is this required? Will my
greenhouse (tropical conditions) keep the plant up, and exhaust it?

Yes, I have joined the aroid-L, and I am quite familiar with their website.
Anyone interested in aroids should visit it.


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Dear Christopher;
        Greetings. I am sure you are very welcome to join this group,
however you may want to look into the Aroid-email group. This is a
group of gardeners who have an active email exchange devoted to
aroids of all sorts including the tuberous genera you mention. You
may want to join the International Aroid Society for even more.
        Check out:


        to sign up


        http://www.aroid.org/           for more info.

        By the way Typhonium diversifolium is probably an invalid
name for a Chinese species. As I recall it is listed in the Flora of
China (check that home page too) but what is grown here in the US
under that name may be T. roxburghii

        It is not hardy here in Zone 5.

                Best    Jim W.

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