Worsleya Is it Love?

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Fri, 08 Sep 2006 13:21:49 PDT
Hi Tsuh: 
            Of course you are right in that Worsleya comes from a single location in Brazil, but we have grown it here (in Argentina) and know of people who has grown it in the past in Brazil and in all cases the noticeable problem was the long period taken to reach flowering size, which is nothing unheard of in Brunsvigias, certain Hippeastrums, etc., etc. This is normal in plants that are extremely long lived as individuals. Not in the same family but once we calculated with Adriana Hoffmann that the age of Zephyra elegans corms she brought me were 90 years from germination, and this is just an example. 
All the best
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