Amaryllis belladonna.

Tue, 05 Sep 2006 14:24:30 PDT
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>>You suggested in another post that 45F is a good temperature. So 45-5? F 
>>would work. What is the maximum temperature they respond to?

> Hello Robert,
> thank you for your feedback and your kind reception of my photos.
> I am sure that you are referring to a message of an other "Hans".
> However, I would be interested in this posting; could you please send me the 
> respective link from the pbs message listings / pbs archive
> Hans-Werner

Sorry for the mistake. The post I was referring to was from Rodger Whitlock dated 8-16-2006, wherein he stated that winters in Victoria, British Columbia "hover around 42F (5-6 C)" (not 45F as I stated.) and A. belladonna blooms reliably. 

Is there anything you can add, Rodger?


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