John Bryan
Tue, 05 Sep 2006 21:16:07 PDT
Thanks Mark for the additional information, proves that I am human, but
the earlier pictures threw me! Cheers, John. wrote:
> <> writes:
> >Thanks for your message, you might be
> >correct but Codonopsis lanceolata according
> >to the RHS is spotted and striped violet within
> >and flowers in the autumn.  While C. convolvulacea,
> >hardy to zone 5,  is azure to violet blue without
> >stripes. How high is your plant? Thanks for the
> >leads to the websites. Cheers John
> I've heard back from Paul Kneebone who created the previously website on
> Codonopsis, and he agrees it looks most like C. lanceolata.  FYI, while the
> original photos I posted showed flowers that had a fairly uniform zone of purplish
> color inside the corolla (the upper half of the corolla) and purple spots
> (lower half of the corolla), the most recent flowers show some level of purplish
> striping on the inside of the flowers.
> My plant is vining to about 30" tall so far, with many stems turning back
> down and twining downwards... there are numerous flowers and buds.
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