Current USDA procedures re importation

Adam Fikso
Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:53:01 PDT
I don't know what the current snafus are.  I can say that historically the 
green and yellow sticker with one's permit number was sufficient to get any 
shipments  through customs, inspection and  sent to one's address because 
your sticker number is keyed to you and your address.  I would think that 
emailing or calling the permit issuing office would clarify this matter. 
BUT, there are probably all too many clerks who are impressed with their own 
importance guarding our borders and confused by the proliferation of 
unnecessary regulations who, when they are confronted with something they 
don't understand think they have to ask for additional postage.  It may be 
 Historically,the green-and-yellow sticker was sufficient to get the package 
through to one's address WITHOUT additional postage. The sticker still notes 
that it ensures "proper delivery".  (I've had a permit off and on  for more 
than 60 years.) nor were we newly advised that such postage would be 
required when we got our permits together with the instructions.  Since 
those pages were pretty thorough, I suspect that the inspections offices 
haven't been informed .  I am writing Carolyn F. Fitzgerald at the USDA for 

Dear Carolyn. F. Fitzgerald.  The above MAY be self-explanatory. If it is 
not-- the question is whether or not any additional postage is required to 
get a package or envelope sent from the inspection station to the permit 
holder's address.

Please clarify to us and let the inspection stations know?  Sincerely, Adam 
Fikso, Ph.D. 

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