Is it Love?

Bill Richardson
Fri, 01 Sep 2006 17:31:56 PDT
Hi Ron,
I just loved your story, how you wrote it and the enthusiasm and excitement
you put into it, of course, with a touch of humour.
It is always exciting when we, as enthusiasts, (nay, fanatics!) see some
results from our years of hard work and frustrations come to fruition.
Just as I have done with Ixia, collecting for all these years. I still get
excited when something flowers after all these years. And it's always nice
when you can prove the "so-called" experts wrong when you discover new
growing regimes and techniques that work for you.
I'm looking forward to you publishing your results which I 'm sure will go a
long way to helping others grow this wonderful species.
And, of course, I'm a little jealous (toungue-in-cheek) of all that
beautiful sunshine you get in Hervey Bay.
Can you send some of it through to Gippsland for me?
All the best
Bill Richardson,
Ixia King
Spring  - 5c. to  19C. at present
West Gippsland,
Ixia Website:
"Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment, can be confused
with Paradise" Henry Mitchell

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