Is eremurus high or low water?

Angela and Dean Offer
Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:36:42 PDT
I am interested in eremurus.  Does anyone have a photo of a group of these? 
Do they make lovely specimens?
western australia
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>N Sterman schrieb:
>> I've been researching Eremurus but can't seem to find much on its
>> irrigation requirement.  Is this a low water or regular water bulb?
>> Nan
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> Nan,
> I grow Eremurus in relatively sandy clay on a slope, as they are from
> the Steppes and desert areas of the orient, meaning a prolonged dry
> period and no chance of standing in water.  I have lost a few over the
> years due to heavy Winter rain, which they do not appreciate at all!
> Simply rotted at the crown.
> One very inpressive bed I saw in England was a combination of roses with
> Eremurus bungeii  and E. robustus hybrids.  The theory was, the roses
> take up moisture so fast, that the Eremurus can't get overwatered.  They
> require as much sun as possible to increase.  Be carefull as the spikes
> emerge.  They are prone to rot in wet conditions, such as prolonged rain
> or overhead watering.
> Jamie V.
> Cologne
> Germany
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