bulbine glauca

Linda Foulis plantlady@beautifulblooms.ab.ca
Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:19:40 PDT
I noticed in the archives that Jane McGary tried bulbine glauca from seed.
I think I have finally ID'd one of my plants as bulbine glauca.  I've grown
this as an annual for several years and I originally got the seed from a
trade with a gentleman in New Zealand.  Looking back at old seed lists it
came to me as albuca or bulbinella hookeri.
If I grew this in a pot and wintered it indoors would any kind of tuberous
root develop?  So far I've only seen tufted roots and nothing resembling any
kind of storage organ.  I certainly don't mind growing it as an annual
however will the plant do more if I grow it in a pot?

Linda Foulis

Okotoks, Alberta
T1S 1J6

Sigh, summer if over here!  We had our first frost night before last.  Time
to move to a warmer climate, or build a bubble over the yard!

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