James Waddick
Mon, 25 Sep 2006 15:18:50 PDT
Dear All;
	I have found import getting more and more difficult. Last 
year I had a box go through USDA,Customs, Border Patrol and Homeland 
Security. Every stop took phone calls and ended in confusion.  It 
took over a month for the box to arrive after 2 days in transit from 

	Recently a friend  imported a box of plants and it went 
through Customs and USDA as well as the Dept of Justice, Inspector 
General! When they were done with it in New York, they thought they 
needed more postage since the USPS has officially marked it delivered 
to the Inspect. Gen. More calls were able to put it back into the 
system without added postage.

	In these days of hightened security and lack of 
responsibility, expect packages to wander around with no one able to 
put the proper stamp of approval.

	Theoretically IF the sender paid for postage to the final 
destination, a stop along the way (USDA) should not negate that 
postage. If the sender paid for postage only to the address on the 
green/yellow sticker you may have to pay additional.

	I suspect each envelope, letter and package will vary 
depending on _____________(fill in the blank)

		Good luck.		Jim W.
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