American Fritillaria

Paul Cumbleton
Mon, 04 Sep 2006 13:22:56 PDT
I'd like to ask for some comments about cultivating the American
Fritillaria, especially pot cultivation under glass. Reviewing our
collections during re-potting here at Wisley it becomes apparent that we
grow the Europeaen Frits much more successfully than the Americans. If
members of the list would share their experiences perhaps I could come to
some understanding of why this may be. So I'd like to go back to basics and
ask for information about their cultivatory requirements. Particularly,
comments on the following would be most welcome:

Watering - approximately when should you start in the fall? (We usually give
their first drink around the start of October, depending on temperatures at
the time)
Dormancy - do you keep totally dry or slightly moist?
Hardiness - are all truly hardy or should any be kept frost-free?
Compost - are any fussy about pH, and do any require something other than
the usual types of free-draining bulb composts?
Light - do you grow in full sun or do any require a bit of shade?
Feeding - comments??? (more a bag of worms than the other topics!!)

Any other hints and tips?

A good discussion on this would be most welcome

Paul Cumbleton
Now moved to Middlesex, UK, real close to Heathrow Airport
Zone 8

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