Scilla lingulata

Jane McGary
Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:14:19 PDT
For some years I've grown Scilla lingulata ssp. ciliolata, a half-hardy 
North African species that flowers (here, anyway) in late November when the 
leaves have emerged partly. Flowering now for the first time are some bulbs 
I grew (from Monocot Nursery seed) as S. lingulata ssp. genuina. The 
inflorescence is narrower than that of ssp. ciliolata, and it is flowering 
well before any leaves are visible. The only mention of this subspecies 
that I can find is in the "Bulbmeister" catalog, whose proprietor I think 
is a member of this forum, but there it's described as "twice as tall" as 
ssp. ciliolata, and apparently not otherwise different.

Can anyone provide more information about this subspecies that will help me 
decide whether I have the real thing? The leaves, when they do emerge, are 
similar to those of ssp. ciliolata -- broad and flat to the soil surface.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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