Amaryllis belladonna.

Hans-Werner Hammen
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>You suggested in another post that 45F is a good temperature. So 45-5? F 
>would work. What is the maximum temperature they respond to?
>Beautiful pictures of the blooms. I can only hope to see those in my own 
>yard one day...... I will celebrate that day!

Greetings from Duesseldorf, Germany.
Thank you all for your input  "amaryllis belladonna"

Hello Robert,

thank you for your feedback and your kind reception of my photos.
I am sure that you are referring to a message of an other "Hans".
However, I would be interested in this posting; could you please send me the 
respective link from the pbs message listings / pbs archive

By the way - it is 2 1/2 years ago that I rescued two pea sized seedling 
bulbs of A.belladonna i n this glasshouse, which had been dug up during 
maintenance works and lost on grit besides the the walkway. I planted these 
into Coco (and charcoal grains below as drainage layer) and - they behaved 
in the same way up to this spring, producing leaves during summer 2005. This 
spring however, believe it or not, the stronger one then began to lose its 
leaves, gradually, while the other continued growing, and even developed an 
apparent stem (as for example amarcrinum does)  allthough clearly not being 
one as its leaf fan is not twisted. Actually the other one is generating one 
first new leaf, hesitantly, but indicating that the diversity in behaviour 
was not simply based on its demise.... *lol*
May be that the individual A.belladonna clones are behaving differentially, 
too, and this might complicate the situation even more


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