Is eremurus high or low water?

James Waddick
Sun, 17 Sep 2006 12:25:41 PDT
My 2 cents worth.

	I only grow some typical yellow flowered probably E bungei  ( 
or is it stenophyllus)* on a slope where they have multiplied slowly 
over the years and put on a reliable show each spring. They take out 
extremes of hot and cold well and are quite dry in summer.
	I do want to relate the best Eremurus I have ever seen which 
was along the highway near Dodge City Kansas. Here a variety of 
colors was nearing 6 ft in height and self seeding wildly in a large 
patch as road side 'seed'. I had to stop the car and talk to the 
owners who professed no special care which essentially means even 
hotter and drier summers than I get here.

	At least some of the species are native to similar steppe 
environments in Central Asia. Not necessarily good drainage, but a 
hot dry dormant period in summer. I suspect that many of these plant 
experience wet springs even standing water briefly, but these are not 
plants of wet environments.

	Best	Jim W.

* Brent and Becky list some of their special Spring Valley hybrids 
which I keep meaning to order, but keep procrastinating. Has anyone 
tried this mix yet?…

They look great.
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