Is eremurus high or low water?

Kelly O'Neill
Sun, 17 Sep 2006 06:20:06 PDT
>  Is this a low water or regular water bulb?

I probably only have Hybrids doing well here. That said, They are easy and 
do great here for me. I think they prefer a south facing slope and a rather dry 
season in summer. Mine are in a clay loam, usually, with alliums. They are 
big spider shaped things planted very shallowly (for their size). The crowns 
are basically at the surface, legs a bit deeper. They are best divided (teased 
apart) / moved every 3 to 5 years in the driest summer time. They do not like 
to have their spider legs bent at the "crown" or to be out of the ground very 
long. I do not crowd them and I try to water and fertilize in spring (before they 
bloom). Most of mine are under black weed control fabric  (Dewitt). They 
begin growing in late winter. They are moist to wet all winter here. I'd guess 
they do not prefer much wetness before they begin growing. I wonder if they 
(or some kinds) come from areas that are VERY WET during their growth 
season (wetland and/or snowmelt maybe?) and then dry in summer. I think 
they like to be fed well, though I do not do so often. I have not done well at 
getting seedlings to thrive and think feeding them well during their short 
growth season is likely the key to bulking them up. Careful with that idea, 
however, it might kill 'em :-). I may just need to be more patient and keep 
ahead of weeds better?  KellyO

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