pbs Digest, Vol 44, Issue 11

al houston alhouston77009@hotmail.com
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 14:39:51 PDT
Hi Joe,
In Houston try BWI on Post Oak Blvd for containers,...best price in town. 
They will ship but it would be cheaper to pick them up locally.   The main 
office is in Schulenburg and have a tax number ready since its wholesale 
Al Howell in Houston Texas

>Hi Gang,
>I'm writing because I'm looking for a source (inexpensive is good) of
>5-gallon containers (4-, 5-, or 7-gallon, ca. 20-24 liters).  I have gotten
>good advice from many email friends and think that I will follow their

>However, I need 200+ containers each year and don't think I will succeed
>with an ad hoc approach.  Therefore, does anyone recommend a WWW vendor for
>large, nursery containers, about 5-gallons in size?  Durability and
>stoutness are always considerations, but mostly I'm looking for vendors 
>might offer several lines of nursery liners.
>Conroe, TX

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