Worsleya Is it Love?

Ronald Redding ron_redding@hotmail.com
Fri, 01 Sep 2006 15:56:44 PDT
Bill, Mathew, Geoff, Alberto et al,

Thank you very much for the remarks however I would like to state that 
growing and flowering worsleya's is now pretty easy for me after some hard 
lessons. I have killed a couple along the way however I now have a pretty 
good system and it all starts with the the three golden rules of growing 
them they are MEDIUM, GROWING MIX and MEDIUM.

Mathew there are many legal bulbs in this country as there are several 
growers here that have been cultivating the plants for almost thirty years. 
I have spoken with and visited everyone that has come to my attention over 
the last eight years.

I also will say that Alberto's remark that they are slow growing was once 
true however I am proving this to be so false that is almost a joke. I have 
photo's of some of my plants (and yes there are thirty two of them there 
however I have many more in my collection) you can see them on the 
Australian Bulb Association web site picture gallery. I plant to take 
another photo in December and let me assure you that this little group has 
just launced into spring and will take off. The Cosh clone that I mentioned 
is in the big pot sitting almost on the ground on the far right.

I am currently putting my cultivation techniques into some form that I may 
share, sorry however this is going to take a little while however let me 
assure you that once you get it right this is a very special and easy care 

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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>Subject: Re: [pbs] Is it Love?
>Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 08:17:14 -0400
>Wow, Ron... Congratulations!
>Many of us have traveled down a similar path, only to find disaster along
>the way, as promised. Some may say that you've achieved one of the holy
>grails of horticulture, others may disagree. But regardless, you are
>fortunate to have obtained a legal bulb, and an achievement none the less 
>both your skills as a gardener and of your patience!

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