Lycoris aurea

Joe Shaw
Tue, 19 Sep 2006 16:43:18 PDT
Hi Gang,

First, let me claim credit for often hitting the wrong button, or being in a 
hurry, etc.  I think I've mailed personal emails to several lists this year. 
Also, I apolgize.

Second, what can you all tell me about Lycoris aurea and seed setting?  I 
have 3 plants; I think from at least 2 different sources.  They all bloom 
now or perhaps a week later.

I've never tried to set seed on them, but wonder if the various clones can 
set seed.  I recall that L. radiata that grows in this area of Texas is 
completely sterile.


Conroe, TX
Temperatures below 65 F at nights now, perhaps 2 months of this will entice 
the Crinum bulbispermum Jumbos to rebloom.  C. x 'Hannibal's Dwarf' was in 
bloom last Saturday in Vidor, TX (September 16). 

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