Bulbs, Monarch Butterflies, Gardens

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sat, 30 Sep 2006 11:36:07 PDT
Hi Gang,

Margie Brown and Lanny Brown live in Vidor, TX, near Marcelle Sheppard. 
Margie and Marcelle have exchanged friendship, plants, and garden advice for 
many years.

Margie has recently provided me with starts of several different red-leaved 
Crinum.  Two years ago she gave me a variegated C. asiaticum that was still 
a seed/seedling.  Margie is that way, always sharing plants; I think many 
PBS members will recognize themselves in that description "always sharing 

Anyway, an east Texas newspaper ran an article about Monarch butterfly 
migration, and about how Texas gardens can help the butterflies on their way 
to Mexico for the winter.  You can view a photo or two from Margie's garden, 
but what caught my attention was the estimate that Margie grows about 1,700 
types of plants.

LINK:  Monarch Butterflies, Margie and Lanny's Garden


After I thought about it it I realized the she must grow about at least 
1,700 species of plants, or perhaps 2,000.  For one thing, Margie has grown 
many dozens of Marcelle Sheppards's hybrid crinums over the years, to see 
them perform under different conditions and simply to help provide second 
homes for some of Marcelle's best.

The last time I visited Margie Brown she gave me 8-10 new bulbs, lots of 
seeds of many types.  The time before that she gave me half a dozen 
hard-to-find or unusual Canna hybrids.  The time before that she gave me 
dozens of Hippeastrum hybrid bulbs for my front yard.

LINK2:  Margie and Lanny in their Garden




Conroe TX, hoping for a good Monarch butterfly migration.

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