Is eremurus high or low water?

Sat, 16 Sep 2006 00:38:21 PDT
N Sterman schrieb:
> I've been researching Eremurus but can't seem to find much on its  
> irrigation requirement.  Is this a low water or regular water bulb?
> Nan
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I grow Eremurus in relatively sandy clay on a slope, as they are from 
the Steppes and desert areas of the orient, meaning a prolonged dry 
period and no chance of standing in water.  I have lost a few over the 
years due to heavy Winter rain, which they do not appreciate at all!  
Simply rotted at the crown.

One very inpressive bed I saw in England was a combination of roses with 
Eremurus bungeii  and E. robustus hybrids.  The theory was, the roses 
take up moisture so fast, that the Eremurus can't get overwatered.  They 
require as much sun as possible to increase.  Be carefull as the spikes 
emerge.  They are prone to rot in wet conditions, such as prolonged rain 
or overhead watering.

Jamie V.

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