More Plastic Buckets

Paul Tyerman
Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:55:39 PDT
At 04:30 AM 14/09/2006, you wrote:
>Another source of 5 gal. buckets is the sub sandwich shops that serve a
>pickle with your meal. I was getting three a week from one local
>Blimpie's shop.

Howdy All,

Can't remember whether this has been mentioned or not, but specialist 
cake shops get their icings etc in buckets.  That is where I source 
buckets if I am wanting them.  They tend to now charge a couple of $ 
each whereas they used to not charge for them.  More people are 
asking for them now I guess and they realised they can recoup some 
money that way! <grin>  Sorry if this avenue has already been suggested.


Paul Tyerman
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