Fools Rush In

James Waddick
Wed, 06 Sep 2006 06:24:09 PDT
Dear All esp Jane, Jim Mc and Roger;

	I know I am hexing myself in saying ANYTHING on a topic I 
remain both ignorant of and totally confounded by.. American Frits. 
Actually Frits period.

	A couple of years ago I got a few bulbs of F. pudica from 
Jane and naively planted them outside where a couple European Frits 
have done well.

	So far it has persisted and bloomed here. I think this is 
because I have accidentally filled Roger's suggested environment:
	" a very hot, very dry area where all herbaceous vegetation 
is burnt to a crisp by the sun in summer. I have the impression that 
it prefers a fairly alkaline soil"

	My soil is mostly heavy clay except in summer when it bake to 

	I claim no skill at all, but luck and coincidence.

		BULBS!!		Jim W.
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