Amaryllis belladonna.

Joyce Miller
Fri, 08 Sep 2006 10:00:10 PDT
Hello John,
         Thanks for your history.  You have vast experiences.
         I am located on 208th Ave two blocks south of Stark St. in 
Gresham, Oregon.  For the geographically challenged this is USDA 7, 
located 14 miles west of Portland, OR, west of the Cascade Mountains.
         So west and southern is best exposure.
         BTW Convention wisdom says to plant Hippeastrum with 
shoulders exposed.  Does the say obtain for Amaryllis sp?
         Convention wisdom isn't always correct.  One such example is 
Gloriosa superba and its near kin.  The gray beards at IBS 
pontificated no winter water -- bone dry they said.  Well, at the UCD 
Botanical Conservatory I found some dormant Gloriosa in late winter 
hanging in slatted boxes.  They were being watered on the same 
schedule as the adjacent Cattleya sp. i.e. 3 times a week.  Appalled, 
I tipped out the dormant tubers only to find they were happy with 
nascent sprouted tubers alive and well.
                 Best wishes, Joyce


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