Narcissus in zone 9a/9b

Joe Shaw
Sat, 02 Sep 2006 09:32:41 PDT

Hi Gang,

A while back I wrote about Narcissus x 'Falconet', and I was pleased it was 
doing well here in zone 9a.  In the past 3 years we've only had a few nights 
below 25 F so I guess we've been zone 9a/9b.  'Falconet' is still putting on 
a good show in early March.

David K. wrote a wonderful note about other tazetta-type Narcissus hybrids. 
I haven't tried them but they are still on my list of plants to try someday. 
Recently, Bill the Bulb Barron sent me a generous portion of 'Golden Dawn', 
another hybrid with a genealogy similar to that of 'Falconet'.  I hope 
'Golden Dawn' is tolerant of conditions here.

One interesting thing is that 'Falconet' has a reputation for increasing 
rapidly, almost annoyingly so.  For me, it has stayed steady and has not 
increased much.  Perhaps zone 9a/9b influences increase.   Perhaps lack of 
increase is due to the need for mowing, even in winter.  I try to protect 
the foliage as long as possible but the winter grasses start to make 
miniature hayfields and eventually I have to mow the whole lawn-bulb foliage 
and all.

'Hilstar' and 'Geranium' have not done well, they both seem to be 

I am going to try more Narcissus types and would enjoy suggestions from 
others in warm-winter climates.  'February Gold' has done OK-I think it is 
holding in there and blooms a litter earlier than 'Falconet'.  But, 
'February Gold' only puts on a modest show if there are a few warm days in a 
row, a little mid-winter hot spell and the blooms just fry.

LINK:  PBS Archives Note from David K. (great reading)…

LINK:  Bill the Bulb Barron of Carmel Valley



Still potting up Crinum seedlings from too-small containers into bigger but 
not-big-enough containers.  They sure like a lot of root space. 

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