Crinum x 'Gulf Pride'

Joe Shaw
Sat, 23 Sep 2006 14:51:00 PDT
Hi Gang,

I received a Crinum about 2 years ago in an email swap.  It has foliage 
reminiscent of C. x herbertii, and the flower could be considered C. x 
herbertii-like.  My plant has blooms that are a bit less 
trumpet-shaped/pendant than typical C. x herbertii, and more flat and open, 
like C. x digweedii.

The plant was send under the name 'Gulf Pride'.  When I look up Crinum x 
'Gulf Pride' I do find a variety of blooms that seem similar to my plant, 
but not exactly similar (but Web photos can portray plants inexactly).  The 
main characteristic that all the photos (or descriptions) share is the 
paleness of the pink stripe (it was described somewhere as "pastel 
peppermint pink").  One report claimed that 'Gulf Pride' is a very old 
hybrid, from the early 1800s.

The special part is that my 'Gulf Pride' rebloomed last week, something that 
most C. x herbertii just don't do.  It is a happy plant and is making some 
offsets, but susceptible to the grasshoppers (eastern lubber grasshopper).

The bloom was a pleasant surprise and welcome in this period when not so 
many Crinum are blooming.  I'll feed it and water it, and see if it reblooms 
again next September.

If you have information about Crinum x 'Gulf Pride', please let me know.



Conroe, TX

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