Amaryllis belladonna.

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>As regards to "extreme" there seems to exist ONLY one more or less relevant 
>condition in order to induce the final scape elongation within the bulb, 
>that is namely a certain minimum temperature during the summer "reposal" in 
>the magnitude of 30°C - but I even doubt that. 

Is there a certain length requirement for this "hot" rest?

>William the Bulb Baron has already found out that total dryness not to be crucial for a successfull 
>scape "preparation"of the bulb. As regards the speculation about winter coldness I like to add now that these >wonderfull Naked Ladies I mentioned above are growing at a minimum winter temperature of above 55°F 

You suggested in another post that 45F is a good temperature. So 45-5? F would work. What is the maximum temperature they respond to?

Beautiful pictures of the blooms. I can only hope to see those in my own yard one day...... I will celebrate that day!


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