Planting dormant Crinum and scabrum question.

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 08:11:42 PDT
I'll be putting down some potted Crinum next spring and wonder about planting the neck below soil level in order to set them deep enough to aid in protection. The dried leaf bases will help keep out the soil, I know, but, is having the open neck completely below soil ever a problem?

This may be an issue with my potted scabrums as the neck is very short (2" or so) and there are numerous offsets just peeking out of the scales at present. That would have the plant pushing up leaves through roughly 10 inches or more of soil......I can amend the upper soil to help keep it friable and loose to help with emergence, but how will such a distance affect its early growth?

Has anyone ever tricked their potted plants by "hilling" (in a sense) with soil or by other method to elongate the neck at emergence to remedy a too-short neck?

PDN (Tony "Zonepusher" Avent) says that they must be a foot deep and mulched--I heed that advice, 'cause if anyone challenge zones, it's he.

Also, I have read that scabrum is the only Crinum that goes "truly dormant" for winter. Is this so? Do I need to help by withholding moisture? Should I protect from frost untill they do go dormant? Help!!



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