Is it Love?

Ronald Redding
Fri, 01 Sep 2006 01:52:28 PDT
Dear All,

Today I have discovered a flower spike on a plant that is quite significant 
to me. I have many others like it and have produced flowers from them. This 
was the first of its kind that I ever obtained. I still remember the time I 
eventually tracked down where I could obtain one and was amazed at the 
asking price, I was able to convince the supplier I could grow this plant as 
I had done an enormous amount of research and even though he only had a tiny 
plant left he still could get a large amount of money for it he never sold 
them so small. My (looking back now) tiny little plant arrived and ooh how I 
loved it. I cared for it, sheltered it and brought it inside if it got too 
cold. I tried everything to convince it to grow big and strong, gave it the 
best food money could buy and even danced if front of it naked under the 
light of a full moon.

Year after year it still did not respond I did not realise it was me being 
cultivated and that it was helping me become better and teaching me many 
valuable lessons. After much trial and error the last two years have proven 
that I am finally getting many things right it has flourished and as if I 
have finally learned enough and now as a sign of respect a flower spike. The 
man that I bought the plant from was Errol Cosh who provided me with much 
guidance and encouragement who I am happy to say I have met and who has not 
only shared his knowledge but stories, food and drink. The plant is a 
worsleya and is truly something that you can fall in love with.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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