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Lee Poulsen
Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:56:14 PDT
I wondered about this as I read all the information that was being 
posted to the various lists in the months leading up to when the new 
USA seed import method was begun. According to what was entered into 
the Federal Register, the USDA authors of the new regulations expected 
that seed importers would establish an account with the US Postal 
Service to which the USDA/APHIS/PPQ inspectors could charge postage 
after inspecting the seeds when they first came into the U.S. in order 
to mail the package on to the importer. So of course, I decided to look 
into this before the new permit application starting date. Not being 
able to find anything online, I finally called and spoke with real 
humans. They finally transferred me to someone who actually called me 
back after studying the entry in the Federal Register. He said he 
didn't know of anything, especially on a small scale, that the USPS 
offered that would fulfill what the USDA thought was possible. (I 
suppose different agencies don't really communicate with each other 
when inventing new rules or regulations?) He offered me a few alternate 
suggestions, but he agreed there was no good solution. Then month or 
two after I got my permit, I saw the NARGS instruction sheet on how 
those outside the US were to ship their seed donations to the NARGS 
seed exchange. I also decided to import some Clivia seeds from one of 
the second chance offerings of one of the Clivia clubs in South Africa. 
I followed their instructions about sending them a yellow and green 
import sticker as well as a self-addressed label that they would send 
on with the seeds. BTW, my yellow and green stickers are pre-addressed 
to the inspection station near LAX. The Clivia club addressed the 
package to me as well as placing the sticker in a prominent place.

The seeds went to the LAX inspection station, they examined them, 
sealed my package up again (it was a large padded envelope, one end of 
which had clearly been sliced open, and then stapled closed again right 
through the tape that had been wrapped around the envelope) and as far 
as I can tell dropped it in the mail again which already had my address 
on it. It came straight to my house without further problems. No 
requests for additional postage and no US stamps or postage markings of 
any kind were on the package.

I still don't know what the final solution really is supposed to be. I 
get the impression that many of the local inspection ports don't know 
either. The instructions say to send a copy of all pages of the seed 
import permit to be included in the shipment so that when the seeds 
finally do arrive at a port, the inspectors can read what they're 
supposed to do right off your permit! Doesn't sound too organized yet.


On Sep 25, 2006, at 1:12 PM, Richard wrote:

> I have just received a phone call from the USDA regarding a small seed 
> shipment from South Africa. They want me to send forwarding postage to 
> LA from where it will be forwarded.
> This is something I have been doing for years and the forwarding 
> postage was never required. Now, I have to pay postage twice. Once 
> from SA and Once from LA.
> Never happened before.
> Does anyone know about this?
> Richard In Vista CA.
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