aaron floden aaron_floden@yahoo.com
Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:04:18 PDT
 I have been a fan of Ledebouria & Drimiopsis for a
while now. Besides those, I am also highly interested
in other non-hardy members of the family(Dipcadi,
Eucomis, Massonia, Lachenalia, Resnova), and the
European-Central Asian members of the family (Muscari,
Bellevalia, Hyacinthella, etc).

 I have collected what literature is 'readily'
available. And, with all my reading, I am only more
confused as to what species I grow. Venters thesis may
be on its way eventually and until then I suppose I'll
remain confused. 

 Most of my Ledebouria came as aff. or sp., and of
course socialis. At; 

 you see great pics of Ledebouria and several very
different socialis 'type' plants. Macowanii is
supposed to be similar to socialis but I need a good
line-drawing (or photo) of a plant to see how similar
or different they are. Epigeal vs hypogeal bulbs is
supposed to be a factor involved, but I have some
socialis that do both, and are otherwise inseparable. 

 Species I know I have are: cooperi, crispa,
floribunda, graminifolia(? graminea), hypoxoides,
minima, sp "Gary Hammer'(also a floribunda?), and
coriacea. Among the many possible ones are (all
affinities); luteola, macowanii, ovalifolia, revoluta,
 and zebrina. The other half dozen are all sp's but
definately not socialis. The leaves on some are 

 The Drimiopsis are very hard to come by. Does anyone
grow any species besides maculata or
kirkii/boytroides? I know at least one person who
offers a few rare ones now and again. I have three
clones of maculata and get a good seed set every
summer. I still have not got Resnova, and no one in
the US offers it from what I have seen.      

 I am interest in trading for other species of
Ledebouria and other Hyacinthaceae for that matter.
Right now though my interest is in Ledebouria and
acquiring some other Drimiopsis species.
 All the best,
 Aaron Floden
 Manhattan, KS

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