Bulbargence dejager@bulbargence.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2007 13:09:49 PDT
Dear mry Sue and all,
This very puzzling as you live in the same type of climat. Here it is one of
best blue "bulbs" with our sandy soil is becoming close to be naturalised
and flowering  over six weeks in all sorts of situations.  All forms and
Ipheion species make  plenty of seed..

Jim Waddick (Kansas) wrote on Rolf Fiedler:

I do not recall ever even seeing a seed pod here.

There must something in our European mediterranean climat or soil which
makes the difference. I have no idea what is the cause. Any body has any

Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 8 Olivier)
Coord. Geogr.(GPS): 43°42' 43" N     4° 32' 12" E

>Mary sue wrote: 
Rolf Fiedler on the other hand is a short bloomer if at all. It has
> expanded a bit from my initial purchase so I now have it blooming in a
> container and in one of my raised beds

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