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Thank you, Jim, for the pep talk. I very much support everything you say. And let me add
a mention of our most frequent donor over the years, Mary Sue Ittner; where would we be
without her? And we must not forget the enormous donations of materials from Charles
Hardman when we were just getting started. At last count, more than 150 people have
participated in the BX as recipients over the years. Wow, if everyone of them donated
something,imagine how much fun we'd have!

Best wishes,

> Dear PBSers -
> 	I was talking 'off-line' with a fellow group member about the
> bulb and seed program BX/ SX and how few people seem to donate and
> how many people seem to benefit from their offerings.
> 	Horticulture is not a big jump from Agriculture. Production
> and propagation are our life blood to an vibrant garden. Sharing this
> bounty is must or many reasons.
> 	I have no idea how many people make requests and benefit from
> the BX -Dell have any idea?
> 	I did wonder about the first sentence above so checked about
> dozen of the past BX offerings (but I don't keep all so this is
> hit-or-miss)
> Since 9/06 (PBX # 127 incomplete to PBX #142) -
> I found that 15 different people donated one time to the BX
> These 5 people donated twice:
> 	Dell S.
> 	Joyce M.
> 	Jim W,
> 	Robert W
> 	Tony A
> And these three donated three times
> 	Lee P
> 	Alberto C
> 	Alberto G
> 	Some of these are donations of one or two items, others have
> donated dozens of different and some quite rare and commercially
> unavailable materials.  It surprised me that there are as many
> different donors as there are. I have great admiration and thanks to
> all donors, but also urge all consumers of these donations to do
> their share and contribute seeds and bulbs in the future.
> 	These donations of seed and their payment helps to keep the
> PBS financially alive.
> 	So this is 1) a reminder of the value of the BX to the group
> and individually
> 	2) a big thanks to all donors
> 	3) a reminder for others to donate seeds and bulbs
> 	4) a gentle question to Dell asking how many people have
> received materials from the BX
> 	5) and mostly a very big THANK YOU to Dell for his work on
> making this service work so well.
> 		And appreciate any comments and thoughts.		Jim W.
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