Pelargonium barklyi

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 02 Apr 2007 22:35:45 PDT

In the process of splitting up the Pelargonium  wiki page since it was 
getting really long, I added some pictures of Pelargonium barklyi. It's 
just now blooming for me. We saw it in Namaqualand in September. I 
recognized the leaves since they are so distinctive, but the flowers were 
so far away from the leaves twining through a shrub that there was no way a 
picture could capture the whole plant. I haven't tried planting any in my 
garden assuming it might be too wet in winter where I live, but it's a nice 
pot plant I think. I really like the leaves.…

By the way our wiki Pelargonium page (before it was split up) was one of 
the ten most popular genera pages, no doubt because of all the work David 
Victor did adding so many pictures of flowers and leaves and such great 
text of some many different geophytic species.

Mary Sue

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