Skunk Cabbages again

Roy Herold
Wed, 04 Apr 2007 17:23:47 PDT
Darrell "Mr Epimedium" Probst found a variegated skunk cabbage in the 
woods of Pennsylvania a number of years (6 to 8?) ago. It was similar to 
the one described, with a wide gold band, and was definitely reminiscent 
of a hosta. He said it was visible from the road, and he had driven by 
it a number of times before spotting it.

The last I heard it had been shipped to a nursery in North Carolina, 
never to be seen again....

NW of Boston
Global cooling update: an inch or two of wet snow fell on the 
Symplocarpus blooms this afternoon...

aaron floden wrote:
>  The forma variegata is pictured in the Variegated
> Plants Vol.1 carried by Yinger at Asiatica.
>  It has a wide gold margin and looks very Hosta-like.
> Probably available at high prices in Japan.
>  Aaron Floden
>  Kansas

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