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Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:15:45 PDT
Dear Jim Mc and all -
	I thought we sort of beat Ipheion to "death" over various discussions.

	One recollection was that I never knew of any self sewing in 
colder climates. I assume these are akin to 'Wisley Blue' or typical 
unflorum. I wonder if this is the result of multiple clones to start 
with? Are commercial stocks all propagated clonally?
Do I need seedlings to encourage its weediness?

	As for hardiness of 'Alberto Castillo'. I have it outdoors 
for years and it is the best and extremely hardy. A no-brainer.  All 
the uniflorums are hardy here except for 'Rolf Fiedler' and 'Froyle 
Mill' which may not be uniflorum.  I wouldn't bother with 'alba' 
since Alberto is the best.

	I have not yet tried 'Jessie' a new dark blue, but will when 
I can get a few bulbs in my hands.

	Yet I still see an occasional reference to their lack of 
hardiness in my zone. Alas.

		best		Jim W.
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